West Virginia State Museum Charleston, WV

West Virginia State Museum Review – Traveling In West Virginia

West Virginia State Museum Charleston, WVWest Virginia is one place that has a lot of history. However, one thing that a lot of people tend to overlook is that West Virginia was not even a state until the War Between the States. Now, in that short time period, though, the state itself has started to get quite a bit of history. Some of the history comes from the fact that the state had a long history before it split from Virginia, but others from the way the state has grown on its own. One place that takes a lot of that history and showcases it all is the West Virginia State Museum, which is located in Charleston and what we are going to cover here.


Location Of West Virginia State Museum

Charleston is not nearly the same size as a city like Chicago, but that does not mean that you should not go into the city not prepared to get the directions that you need. That is why we have decided to include the location of the West Virginia State Museum to make it a little bit easier to find the museum.

1900 Kanawhat Blvd. E #435

Charleston, WV 25305

(304) 558-0220


Features Of West Virginia State Museum

  • Traces through the history of West Virginia.
  • Has multiple exhibits for you to enjoy.
  • Showcases the culture of West Virginia to statehood.
  • Cost of the museum is currently free.

What I Like About The Museum

Exploration Of The Prehistoric Cultures Of West Virginia

History is definitely a main stay that you can find in West Virginia. However, while you may think that it is only more of the modern type of cultures that you get to explore, this would not be the case. In fact, you will find that West Virginia has a lot of prehistoric cultural history as well. At the museum you get the chance to explore the cultures that helped to shape the region into what it has become, but also in getting to see how the people have come about and changed the region.

Has A Telescope From George Washington

George Washington, yes, that George Washington, helped to survey the land that would become West Virginia in the future. When he was a surveyor Washington used a telescope to help in finding the land and setting the landmarks in place. What I found to be really cool and interesting is the fact that the museum has the actual telescope that he used over two hundred years ago to get the land properly surveyed.

Covers The Hatfields And McCoy Feud

One of the most famous feuds of modern times is the Hatfield and McCoys. While this feud would boil over to Eastern Kentucky as well, it also took play in West Virginia. With that being the case, it is part of the history that helped to shape West Virginia. The exhibit that you have here is going to make it easier for you to learn about the feud and how it came about and what eventually happened in the feud.

26 Discovery Rooms Provide You Plenty To Do

Any museum that you go to tends to have interactive exhibits or discovery type of rooms. That is what you get here as the museum has 26 different rooms for you to explore and discover. The museum has plenty of discovery rooms that are going to cover a wide variety of aspects of the history of West Virginia. With that being the case, it is going to be very difficult for you to get bored when you are at the museum and impossible for you to get bored with the museum.

What I Dislike About The Museum

Large Size Means Tired Legs And Sore Feet

While the museum is not the largest one that I have ever been to, it is a larger location than what you may be used to. This often means that if you are not wearing a larger pair of shoes it is going to be very difficult for you to avoid getting sore feet and legs from walking. Now, the good news is it also means you can explore a lot of history at once and know that it will be a place that you can enjoy and really learn a lot from.

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What Others Say About The Location

When you are looking at some of the museums you need to know what other people are saying about the location. Just like IrishVoodoo mentioned in his review on TripAdvisor, “I fell in love immediately”. So you can tell that from this review this is a gentleman that really fell in love with the location and now loves it after coming in what I would imagine were not the highest of expectations.

Now, JOW4 also from TripAdvisor mentioned this “the whole story is told with many interactive rooms”. I really love this aspect of the museum and so do a lot of visitors. The interactive exhibits definitely help to make the trip even better, but also help to give the feel that you are learning more than what you thought before.

My Final Thoughts On West Virginia State Museum

Finding a great place to visit is hard to do and finding a place that is affordable is very difficult to do. That is why I have to admit that when I am in Charleston one of the best places to check out is the West Virginia State Museum. This museum is definitely one of those places that you can enjoy for hours on end, but also learn quite a bit of information about as well. Overall, if you are looking for a great place to visit in Charleston, I would definitely recommend checking out the West Virginia State Museum.