Five Best Parks In Paris France For Picnics

Planning A Picnic In Paris? Find The Five Best Parks

PicnicParis is definitely a city for romantics as we mentioned here. However, one of the most romantic things that you can do or even a great way to enjoy our family is to go on a picnic together. The issue that then comes up, definitely if you are visiting Paris, France as a traveler is where exactly should you be going for a park to have a picnic at. This is when we decide that it was time for us to take some time and evaluate the parks in Paris Rick Steves Paris 2018 New Price: $14.57 Old Price: $21.99You Save: $7.42 (as of 02/20/2018 05:56 UTC) to help you find the five best parks that are in Paris for you to go on a picnic to. With no further ado, let us start on the five best parks in Paris to guarantee you are able to have a great picnic as a family or a couple while you are visiting Paris.

How Did We Narrow Down Our List? 

Well, that is a good question, but I can tell you that we took time to look at the location of each park, the amount of space that it has for picnicking with a blanket or table. However, we also took the time to look at what is around the parks. While it is nice being in the city, when you are on a picnic you do not want to feel like you are in the city. So we looked at the places in regards to what is around the city for you to enjoy after you get done eating your lunch or even dinner.

1. Champs des Mars 

Champs de MarsThis is a location that we talked about as being the major green space that is in front of the Eiffel Tower Craft and Party, Metal Eiffel Tower Centerpiece Decoration (Small, Silver) New Price: $7.39 Old Price: $7.39 (as of 02/20/2018 05:56 UTC) . Now, I know this is a place that does get crowded, but you need to realize it also makes it easier for you to get around town and if you are meeting friends or a tour group at any place, one recognized symbol that can be seen almost anywhere in Paris is the Eiffel Tower. This makes this park very easy for you to find and know that you and your entire family is going to have a great picnic that you will enjoy.

Now even with this place being so popular you will also enjoy the immense size of the park and the green space. So you will generally notice that it is rather easy for you to find a spot to have a picnic at. Not to mention if you forgot something to have to eat you can quickly run down the avenues to find a bakery or even a butcher shop that would be more than happy to oblige you with the food you need to have.

2. Luxembourg Gardens

Paris Luxembourg GardensThe Luxembourg Gardens "le jardin du Luxembourg ; the Luxembour gardens ; jardin du sénat, Paris" New Price: $29.62 (as of 02/20/2018 05:56 UTC) made out list as one of the most romantic spots to go because of the fountain, the flowers, and simply the great look of the gardens themselves with how they are laid out. However, we did not think about a picnic at this location until after we decided to look at doing this article and started to do our research for the article. When we started to do this we were shocked at the immense size of the gardens and how nice they are. Sometimes else that we really liked was the location as well since it is located next to quite a few government buildings it tends to have quite a bit of security present.

Now another great feature for the families that are reading this article is the fact that Luxembourg Gardens tends to be a very family friendly location as well. You will find the location has quite a bit for your kids to do, even if it does cost you some money. So you will have a great time eating and then have a chance to stroll through the park with your kids and allow them to go out and enjoy toy sailboats, possibly a pony ride, and depending on the time that you are in the park a puppet theatre show.

3. Jardin Des Tuileries

Jardin des TuileriesIf you are a tourist and want to interact with some of the locals that live in Paris then this is a park for you. The Jardin Des Tuileries is a great location because it is right next to the Musee de Louvre The Louvre: All the Paintings New Price: $47.49 Old Price: $75.00You Save: $27.51 (as of 02/20/2018 05:56 UTC) and has plenty of places that are hidden away from the staring walkers that are going to go by. However, the best part is since this location is right next to the Louvre, the tourist are usually going to be hurrying about to get to the museum to see the famous works of art. However, by being a smart Parisian tourist and reading this you will know the park is usually frequented by the locals and they tend to have a great spot here because it is quiet compared to some of the other parks.

Something that you may enjoy about the Jardin Des Tuileries is the fact that with the proximity to the Louvre, you will have a chance to get to explore the different sculptures that are in the park. While these statutes are not part of the Louvre itself, they are going to be of extremely high quality and since the park is quieter than most of the places in Paris it will be easier for you to explore the park and look at the statues that you want to view without being interrupted.


4. Parc Andre-Citroen 

This park is one that you are going to like because it has a different look than what you are used to seeing. While you may think that it is not possible for you to see a different style of park, this one definitely does that. It is based more off of the futuristic look that you may not be familiar with when you are looking at the parks. So this futuristic look will provide you with a great look to the park and make it easier for you to see what the future was supposed to have looked like.

What else does make the Parc Andre-Citroen unique is the fact that it has commanding views of the Seine River. So you will be able to enjoy looking over the river, but you will also find this is the only park that has the grassy access to the river as well, so this can make a difference in how well you will enjoy your trip to this park and even have a chance to picnic a little bit closer to the river, but not to close.

5. Bois De Boulogne

Bois De BoulogneIf you want to go to the second largest park in Paris then you cannot go wrong with the Bois De Boulogne. This is a park that will provide you with the great trip that you want to have, but also plenty of activities for everyone in the family from row boating to walking paths. However, the key thing you will like is the fact this is a city that has plenty of grass. That means you will be able to put your blanket down and whip out your basket and get some great food in you before you start to explore the park some more.

At Bois De Boulogne you will also notice it is home to several different botanical gardens inside the boundaries, but also a full on English landscape garden. So you will have a chance to explore different parts of the park with different features that you would not really expect to see while you are in Paris.

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