Top Reasons To Visit Tokyo Japan

Planning A Trip To Japan? Find Out Why To Stop In Tokyo

Tokyo SkylineWhen you are going to take a trip to Japan you may think the countryside is the best place to visit to get out of the cities. However, when you are in Japan Lonely Planet Japan (Travel Guide) New Price: $20.39 Old Price: $29.99You Save: $9.60 (as of 02/20/2018 05:56 UTC) , no matter what part you should at least take a day or two to visit the capital city, Tokyo. When you decide to come and visit this city you will notice that it is going to have quite a bit of adventure, but also be a culture that you have never seen before. The problem is with all the hustle and bustle it can be hard to figure out why you should be traveling to this beautiful and in some cases exotic country that a lot of people go to and have never really been disappointed in the city or the trip they are taking. With that being said, let us take a look at the top reasons why you should go on a trip and visit Tokyo today!

Food Options Are Plentiful

When you travel you want to experience the culture, that is the purpose of travel right? Well, in some places you will find that they only serve your comfort foods that you are so used to that it is not funny. Throw in the fact that some of the highest class restaurants in the world have free samples of food and alcohol on the weekend it is going to be easy for you to get the food that you want to have. However, you will find that it is going to be plenty of food for you to try out if you want to go some of the other restaurants that serve food you may not be used to eating, like some of the world class octopus dishes you may have never eaten before.

Sky High Tower For Stunning Views

Tokyo Skytree ViewsWhat do you do when you have the worlds highest tower? You build a massive observation deck with shops and restaurants. That is exactly what they did in Tokyo as they built the worlds tallest tower called the Tokyo Skytree. The views you get from this tower that stands 634 meters in the air are stunning. With the great views comes the shops and restaurants that will make it easier for you to enjoy the city even more than what you thought you would be able to see and enjoy.

Electronic Stores Abound

Japan is well known for having a love affair with the electronics and they show that off really well with what they have. That is the fact they offer electronics stores that look like they are more of an amusement park. These stores on top of being the retail locations for some of the most modern electronics are going to be a theme park that you are going to like as well. So this will make it easier for you to have a great time because a lot of the electronics stores are often treated like theme parks because of the way the stores are set up and kept in place.

Easy To Reach The Mountains

Mount TakaoSometimes to much concrete can be a bad thing. However, what you will find that it is going to be nearly impossible to feel like you are going to love the concrete all the time. This is when you need to realize that you can take a short train ride to the West and you will be able to go up to Mount Takao. Mount Takao is a place that you are going to love because it is going to make it easier for you to have a great trip because Mount Takao is well known for having a very easy walk up to the top of it and once you have reached the top of Mount Takao you will discover some of the most stunning views of Tokyo that you never would have imagined being able to see before.

Excellent And Interesting Museums Abound In Tokyo

Japanese Soccer MuseumTokyo is a place that just like the electronic stores that become a great theme park attraction have some of the different museums that are present. Yes, Tokyo has plenty of museums that you are going to enjoy, but it also has quite a few places that even when they are trying to be taken seriously can be seen as a location that is going to be seen more of a place that is to be considered as funny. So this will make it easier for you to have a great trip and be able to enjoy the museums and know that they are something that is considered as being a fun time, rather than just being something that you are going to be drug to as a tour and made to go to and see what you need to see.

Baseball Goes Wild In Tokyo

Baseball in Tokyo DomeBaseball All-American Adult/Youth Unmarked Baseball for League Play, Practice, Competitions, Gifts, Keepsakes, Arts and Crafts, Trophies, and Autographs New Price: $12.99 Old Price: $12.99You Save: $3.00 (as of 02/20/2018 05:56 UTC) is an American sport that is very hot in the summer months. However, what you need to realize is the Japanese have went crazy over baseball and they have not let themselves be disappointed at all with the games.So if you want to experience baseball at a level that you never imagined then you will want to go to Tokyo to catch a baseball game. This is going to be a treat that every baseball fan is going to love. One aspect of the game that you may not recognize is the cheering squads, yes we said they take baseball seriously here. So this is easily one of the best sports that you can watch while you are in Tokyo and you are going to see some future major league players, but also start to see some of the differences that you are going to love with the game of baseball in Japan.


Pet Lovers Can Rest Easy

Okay, living in Japan is not easy and sometimes travel stress can get to you because of the way that you are going to be traveling around the country. However, one thing you are going to love about Tokyo is the fact that you can finally be able to get some relaxation that you want to have by going into some of the pets cafes. When you do this, it will make it easier for you to relax and be able to enjoy your vacation even more than what you think because you are able to sit down and play with the animals that are inside of the cafes. Typically the animals that are in the cafe are going to be cats, but some of them will have some of the other animals. Nonetheless this will make it easier for you to sit down and just gently stroke a cat inside of the cafe and know your stresses are going to melt away.

Unique Hotel Locations

When you are looking at the hotels in Tokyo you will find that they are not all the massive buildings that we are used to seeing in places like New York New York: The Novel New Price: $16.24 Old Price: $20.00You Save: $3.76 (as of 02/20/2018 05:56 UTC) . Instead, Tokyo has taken advantage of the space crunch and has some great and unique hotels that ends up being like a bubble that you are able to sleep in. These bubbles, which are usually smaller in size are going to provide you with a comfortable place to sleep, but also seem to be lower in cost which makes it easier for you to save quite a bit of money on the cost of the hotels that you normally would be spending a fortune on.

Tokyo Has History

Face it no matter what when he are traveling we are going to want to learn about the history of a place before we go and then explore the history of that location when you are in the place. Tokyo has plenty of history for you to explore and learn from. However, what you need to realize is some of that history is hidden in the temples that are around the city, the Imperial Palace The Forbidden City: The History of the Chinese Imperial Palace of the Ming and Qing Dynasties in Beijing New Price: $9.99 Old Price: $9.99 (as of 02/20/2018 05:56 UTC) , to the museums that are in the city. With all of this history it is going to make it very easy for you to have a great trip that you are going to love and be able to learn something at the same exact time. Without this you could struggle to find the best reason to go to Tokyo outside of the glitz and glam of this city.


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